CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) Services

With 40 years experience in providing services to the CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities, Co.As.It. Community Services is well placed in being able to understand the needs of the person from a different cultural and language background, coordinate services with the family members and assign care staff that is aware of the client’s preferences, religious beliefs, special celebrations and regional culinary requirements.  Often the care staff will speak the same language as the CALD client.

Co.As.It. Community Services is constantly undertaking research studies that gather information on the difficulties and concerns of the CALD community member  that may not be able to access mainstream services due to language barriers, feel isolated due to declining traditional networks, poor written and/or spoken English skills, lack of computer literacy, difficulty with transport and geographical dispersion or remoteness.   This information is often used to seek Government funding for projects that will inform and educate the CALD person and establish support networks that will make a difference in their daily lives.

Our CIAO Program (Cultural Italian Activity Opportunity) Program caters to the needs of Italian residents. The CIAO Program provides a valuable link between the Italian residents in care and the wider community by bringing together all Italian residents to share activities, music, morning teas, and other distinctly Italian cultural past-times, often not available in mainstream facilities. Co.As.It.ʼs bi-lingual activity officers run these valuable socio-recreational groups fortnightly or monthly at over 11 facilities across Brisbane.

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