Private Care Services

Co.As.It.’s aim is to support every individual through their choices of care.  We are conscious of the desire to remain living in your own home for as long as possible.  The right care for you is difficult and confusing to find, it will involve your family, friends, professional carers and health care professionals.

Access to services is not easy due to the many changes introduced by the government in response to the increasing ageing population.  For example, the introduction of the means testing of eligibility for home care services based on a person’s income in July 2014 has identified individuals that are expected to contribute an extra daily fee. This change  may require a review of the access to government’s subsidised services and the consideration of private services as a better alternative.

The introduction of Co.As.It.’s Private Services will enable you to receive care within your own home as well as access other support such as social activities, social groups, meals preparation, transport, shopping, cleaning and managing medication to ensure that you maintain your physical well being, mental and cognitive health and quality of life.

As an “approved provider” you can rest assured that the care provided to you or your loved ones is of a high standard.  Qualified and trained staff will ensure that your choice and goals will always be respected.

Further information

More information and details on the costs of care is available by contacting our office or requesting more information.