Empathetic Leadership

December 18, 2018

I wish to place on record for Joseph n(Joe) Turner and myself our deepest thanks for allowing us to be a part of Co.As.It 40th celebrations and Christmas Party yesterday. No organisation grows and develops to the extent Co.As.It has over the last 40 years without having great visions, goals, attention to detail and above all empathetic leadership.

We were amazed by your love and care shown to us yesterday. Obviously yesterday was but a sample of all that has happened over the last 40 years and certainly shown to us in the last few months for Joe, and the last 13-14 months for myself. Your staff have always been kind considerate, willing to help and thorough in all their help towards us.

We congratulate Co.As.It and especially the leadership and Enza for her continuing understanding of our needs and her desire and ability to fulfil our needs

All the best for this wonderful time of the year and we trust and pray that all the leadership and your families have a wonderful over this Christmas period and know and experience God’s blessings at this time

Blessings and thanks