Enabling us to live with dignity

December 21, 2018

My wife and I are clients of Co.As.It. and receive a number of services under the CHSP program.
There is a saying that ” A company can have the best-looking building and the best products but a company’s greatest asset is its staff!”
This can be said true for Co-As-It staff! My wife and I are both disabled and hence rely on the cleaning service provided under the CHSP scheme by Co.As.It. The name of the cleaner who does our cleaning is Zahra and she has been doing our cleaning for some time now.  Zahra to us is the face of Co.As.It. as she (and no doubt others like her) are at the coal face doing the “hard yards” and is the yardstick by which people judge Co.As.It. Community Services.
Zahra is very efficient,  caring, and professional in carrying out our cleaning. On arrival, Zahra always asks how we are going and if we need anything extra done.  Zahra always arrives on time and if she is held up, we always receive a call.

A special thanks to Zahra for enabling us to keep our home clean and live with dignity.

Thanking you,

Mervyn & Kathleen