In capable hands

December 18, 2019

Leanne is a carer for my Mum, Cheryl Westerman…I’ve thought
of different ways to begin this letter, but the most suitable way is just by
saying thank you for all the hard work! Because of Leanne, my Mum has a
caring soul near her when I am not, is well taken care of, and can feel
the joy of having small conversations throughout the day and can look
to their future with a little more hope.

I understand that some people are quick to point out mistakes and wrong doings
but not so eager to point out the amazing job, kind acts, caring support and loving understanding others provide. Leanne tips the scales with the latter.

I am able to attend to everyday duties with the utmost confidence, that my Mum is in very capable hands. Leanne’s care for my Mum is appropriately
personal and extremely professional at the same time. The exact combination of care my Mother requires.

Thank you again to Leanne and the team at CO.AS.IT for the fabulous, ongoing care of my Mum. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you ALL!!