We Couldn’t Be Happier

February 18, 2019

During one of my Client Reviews I got to meet a lovely couple in Brisbane, Mrs and Mr C.

The couple receive Domestic Assistance on a fortnightly basis from our CCW Kammi.

As soon as I asked them how everything was going with our services, they both looked at me with a big smile. Mrs C tells me straight away: “We couldn’t be happier and grateful for your services and care of your CCW Kammi.

Kammi is a very lovely lady, polite, always on time and she definitely goes above and beyond her duties. She writes on our calendar when she will be back to see us and she is very caring and attentive.

Last year my husband, Clive had a fall and needed surgery. Once he returned back home from the hospital, Kammi could see he wasn’t feeling well. She got in contact with her Coordinator to notify the office and check if any extra help was required. She continues adding: We thought it was so thoughtful and caring of her to do that. “

I was lucky to be with clients when Kammi arrived for the Domestic Assistance fortnightly service so I could take a picture of them.

It’s great to receive such positive feedback about the care that our Staff are providing to our clients.