Andrew and Tim: a heartwarming story of friendship and multiculturalism

NDIS client with his Community Care Worker

“Tình bạn” is the Vietnamese word for friendship and a major component of the synergy between NDIS client Andrew Vo and Community Care Worker Tim (Thinh) Truong.

Andrew arrived in Australia with his sister in 2000, coming from South Vietnam. He has been receiving services from Co.As.It. for approximately five years and has Tim as his big brother.

“Tim helps me with my outdoor activities. He takes me to the Vietnamese shopping centre and explains to the retailers what I need,” says Andrew. “Our friendship makes me feel closer to home as Tim is also from Vietnam, and we speak the same language.”

The work Tim has been developing with Andrew is part of the multicultural roots of Co.As.It., which aims to communicate with clients as if they were in their homeland using their native language.

Andrew and Tim are together every week and have an intense routine of indoor activities: taking strolls by the river, fishing, enjoying the benefits of the social support groups, hitting the gym and learning Spanish.

“I love diversity and the fact that Brisbane is so multicultural. Sometimes, I have the feeling that the world is getting smaller because all the languages spoken worldwide are in Brisbane. Learning Spanish is me embracing diversity,” concludes Andrew.