Care Services

Co.As.It. is a reputable service provider with extensive knowledge in the care of the older and younger people needing support to continue living in own their home as independently as possible.  Services are remarkably affordable and our reputation continues to grow as providers of high quality, flexible, tailor-made community services.

Co.As.It. is well known to its clients accommodating requests for particular services e.g. day/time/choice of worker/specialist care/social interaction/an out of the box approach to care delivered in the home.

It is Co.As.It.’s priority to continue to provide services that meet the changing needs of the community. The empowerment of the clients to take control of their care is a driving principle and Co.As.It. has always provided care in the manner expected by its clients.

With approximately 85% of its Community Care Workers (CCWs) speaking at least two languages, Co.As.It. has a strong commitment to the provision of quality care services for culturally and linguistically diverse community members.

Cultural expectations about aged care can prevent families from seeking outside support. In many cultures it is considered to be the role of the family to care for elderly people. Other options may not therefore be considered, even if family or partner care is beginning to break down.

With more than 40 years experience in the community services sector, Co.As.It. has the ability to satisfy all your assistance requirements including allied health (nursing and physiotherapy for example), in-home support, domestic assistance, social outings, NDIS support, respite, personal care and language support.

Co.As.It. General Brochure (PDF) 

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