Respite Options

Co.As.It. has options to support and maintain care relationships between carers and clients through providing a range of respite options so carers can take a break.

In-home day respite – Providing daytime support service for carers of clients needing assisted support in the carer’s or the client’s home.

Centre-based respite – Provide structured group activities to clients to develop, maintain or support independent living and social interactions. The centre-based respite is provided at Stafford Heights (Casa Serena), at Acacia Ridge (Casa Aurelia), Cleveland and Gold Coast (Italo Australia Centre).

Emergency/Flexible respite
Carers may find themselves in crisis situations such as when the carer:

  • Becomes ill or is hospitalised
  • Experiences extreme stress
  • Has a family emergency that requires their presence
  • Needs an immediate break when the demands of caring become too much

Clients on an HCP can access flexible respite as needed and paid with package funds.

This service is invaluable to carers who need time-out or clients who need or want to interact and socialise with people from the same cultural background.