“[…]  Leanne is a carer for my Mum, Cheryl Westerman…I’ve thought
of different ways to begin this letter, but the most suitable way is just by
saying thank you for all the hard work! Because of Leanne, my Mum has a
caring soul near her when I am not, is well taken care of, and can feel
the joy of having small conversations throughout the day and can look
to their future with a little more hope.

I understand that some people are quick to point out mistakes and wrong doings but not so eager to point out the amazing job, kind acts, caring support and loving understanding others provide. Leanne tips the scales with the latter.

I am able to attend to everyday duties with the utmost confidence, that my Mum is in very capable hands. Leanne’s care for my Mum is appropriately personal and extremely professional at the same time. The exact combination of care my mother requires.

Thank you again to Leanne and the team at CO.AS.IT for the fabulous, ongoing care of my Mum. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you ALL!!”

Kym Cowan

(On behalf of myself and my Mum, Cheryl Westerman), 18 December 2019


[…]  Thank you so much for the amazing work and patience of your team. From day 1, your service has been first class. You have kept us informed on every occasion as it was needed. You have ensured that Norman could safely stay at home while he reached the decision himself to go into a permanent placement in a nursing home. Norman will be entering the nursing home tomorrow in good health, thanks to the service your team has provided. Your service level was higher than we expected and your feedback was amazing. Thank you again…”

Barry and Janice Lawrence, 10 September 2019


[…] My name is Leeanne Kowitz and my mother Johanna Binding has been a client of yours for some years and recently, after the passing of dad and mum now palliative care at home with increased support from your organisation, she is able to stay in comfort with family around her.

Our journey within the last 12 months has been difficult and the amazing support you all have provided for our family has enabled us to appreciate life and know mum is in good hands.

So please accept our very grateful thank you for all that you have done and continue to do, your staff have become an extension of our family, with commitment, compassion, understanding and always smiling.

Whenever Concetta has spoken to me, she always make me feel comforted and has fantastic people skills, please pass on my appreciation. She is part of an amazing team.

Angie has been a part of mum’s world for quite some time and I would like to express my sincere appreciation that a beautiful soul with a kind heart, goes above and beyond and brings so much joy to my mother. We so often under-estimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life of sadness around.

I recently had Sarah come and review mum’s care plan, such a caring and committed person and passionate about her job. She listened to my story and spoke with mum with warmth and respect.

The girls who have helped recently while Angie has been unavailable, thank you also,  mum can’t thank you enough for all that you do. When you get to know someone’s story, the connection begins of understanding and being a part of mum’s life, you girls rock.

At the end of the day, the world continues and days turn into nights, seasons change and we live our lives. So having you all through these times has helped through so much sadness and given us so much strength. Know that in our hearts you have a special place and we are forever grateful. Sending big hugs to you all.


Leeanne Kowitz 06/09/2019


“[…] I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for having such wonderful staff and coordinators.

My mother has been cared for by the co-ordinator, Anna and now by the most efficient and remarkable Nina, who is prompt, efficient and effective.

My mother, who recently lost my father, last September, they were married for 62 years and lived in Melbourne up until October last year, has struggled to make the necessary adjustments and transition to her new life without my dad. It’s been very sad for her.

I also want to express my thanks and appreciation to your lovely staff, in particular to Helena who makes mum’s twice weekly visits to Casa Serena so enjoyable.

Mum tells me that from the driver to the meals, nshe is treated absolutely wonderfully.

Her only ‘complaint’ is “I wish it never had to end!’

For me, handling the death of my father and bringing my mum to Brisbane after living 65 years in Melbourne, has been a hand-full and quite stressful not to mention extremely sad. CO.AS.IT has made this challenging transition bearable.  The  handling of any issue has been carried out with the utmost compassion and professionalism.

Thank you thus far!”

Lillian 07/06/18


“[…] I wish to thank you for your physiotherapy services provided to me in my home by Nikki. 
Your records will show, following my hospitalisation due to fractures in both my right pelvis and left wrist, rehabilitation commenced with your organisation. These home visits by Nikki proved invaluable to my well-being. 
Prior to my fall at home I had been caring for my husband for two years, as he slowly lost all his mobility. He sadly passed away 8 months ago. This caring experience proved to me the importance of retaining all mobility as we age. At 85 years old, I am committed to retaining my mobility, living alone independently in my home, driving my own car and connecting with the community. My medical condition atrial fibrillation is managed by medication, however, my physio sessions require expert supervision. Nikki professionally gives me programs suitable to my age and ability. 
Having lived a lifetime in sport, I am amazed that many young physiotherapists to-day – both male & female – choose to work with the elderly. Like many others, I am a goal orientated individual.
I have been nominated to be a Torchbearer at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. If selected, my goal is to jog with the torch. This cannot happen overnight. It will require the expert guidance and professional supervision that I am already enjoying with Nikki – plus a bit of grit and determination by me. 
One does not know what is ahead in life. Organisations such as yours and Allied Connect
make it possible for our ageing generation to ‘get on with life’.
With sincere thanks.”
Daphne 02/05/17

[…] I just wanted to thank you for everything. It was so nice to meet you and have you handled my case very professionally and in a caring manner. You organized everything to run smoothly, even while you were on leave. You are a credit and an asset to your company.

I would also like to mention that all the ladies who helped me were lovely and very kind. I forget the young English girl’s name who came to my house, who was such a hard worker plus a joy to be around. Plus, when I went to mum and dad’s place, the ladies were really lovely and so helpful. They also made such an effort to be nice to mum and dad which was so appreciated as it was difficult for them to have someone come to their home. Both ladies are a credit to Co.As.It. and do a great job. Down the track, it has helped when we may need assistance for mum and dad. You obviously hire the right people.  Anyway my thanks and regards to you and all the ladies.”
Eva 29/08/16

“[…] I am only too happy giving positive feedback. I adore Co.As.It  & ALL of its staff members. The high quality of service that Co.As.It provides, reaches far beyond our expectations! […] you returned our dignity with grace.
Thank you.”
Alexi 20/06/16

“[…] We would like to thank you and your team of carers for the wonderful care that was given to us over the past 10 days due to our emergency. You only had 48 hours notice to put together a team of carers and once again they were wonderful with Michael. Your expertise in finding the right people to fit in with Michael is a testament to your high regard to our needs and Michael’s as well. Your commitment and dedication is very highly regarded in our home and we commend you for your choice of carers to suit Michael.

Once again, we can’t thank you enough for your excellent work to help us out of an unbelievable emergency situation. Co.As.It as a whole is exceptionally professional, from the minute the telephone is answered. We can’t speak highly enough of Co.As.It and the dedicated team. […] We are very grateful to everyone who has looked after Michael since we have been with Co.As.It. He is not the easiest to look after at times, but the professionalism of the carers makes it easy for us. The training and commitment is impeccable and we know that when needed, we can leave Michael in the best hands that we can get.

Paola, there is nothing that we can say that does you justice, your dedication to your work goes beyond any words that can be said. I have said this before, without you and Co.As.It and your wonderful carers that we have had when we go away make it so much easier to enjoy our short breaks. Our weekly carer, there are not enough words for her and her dedication to Michael. Without Co.As.It., we would be in the same boat as we were before, with people who just don’t understand people with special needs.

You are all very special to us. Thank you to everyone.”
Trevor, Jenny and Michael 19/06/16

“[…] I have had the fortune to have been referred to Co.As.It over a year ago now and just wanted to let you know of my experience with your service. As you are aware, I took on the long term guardianship of my two nieces when they were babies. Since then, they have both been diagnosed with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and identified as children with autism spectrum disorders. The eldest child suffers intellectual impairment, epilepsy and rheumatoid arthritis. The children find school very tiring and often come home and go to sleep until dinner time.

Since my MS began deteriorating significantly, it has been a godsend having nutritious meals made by a Co.As.It worker in the freezer to just thaw, heat and serve to the children and myself until I was no longer able to eat. However, the children continue to enjoy these meals. […] Having a Co.As.It. worker here to give the floors a good vacuum and mop each fortnight helps me immensely, as does the worker changing the sheets on the children’s and my beds. I always look forward to having nice clean sheets on my bed […]. I cannot express my appreciation for the fact that I only have to pay a nominal amount of $6ph for this service. Should I have to pay too much more than this, I couldn’t never afford the wonderful service provided on my pension.

I would like to thank Co.As.It. for providing such a wonderful and appropriate service to the community and myself in particular. Another thing that I must mention is the quality of the Co.As.It. workers. As I have had three relatively long term workers over the period since your assistance commenced, I can say without doubt that it is clear that the workers are stringently vetted prior to employment and then trained extensively. All three workers have been extremely caring and compassionate to me on every occasion they have been to our home. They take the time to have a quick chat to see how I am doing health wise, before they commence work. They remember family members who may pop in to visit and are always courteous and polite to all of us at all times. I feel extremely lucky to have been referred to your service since my discharge from hospital.  
Thank you again for everything your service provides me.”
Terrina 18/06/16

“[…] take this opportunity to thank you for the services provided to both my sister and myself over these years. The service you provide is of the highest standard and given the fact that my sister suffers from bipolar disorder, along with other illnesses. The staff have conducted themselves in a professional way, making my sister feel special. For this I thank you Co.As.It.”
Alexi 06/06/16

“[…] We both really appreciate the love and support we are receiving from Co As It. The IPad will be a tremendous help to him and will hopefully empower him again, in its own way. We are also very happy with the community care workers coming here…. sweet people and very caring. The coffee morning was very supportive. I feel like I am talking to people on our wave-length who know the challenges we face.
Lastly, all of you at the office… and your high level of awareness…. you all feel like friends to us.
Much love”
April 16/05/16

“[…] I just wanted to send a quick note to express my gratitude to you and CO.AS.IT for all of your help. As you know, we have no family here in Queensland and we were both struggling and overwhelmed with day to day tasks and feeling very alone. But since discovering CO.AS.IT helps younger people and then meeting you, our lives have improved greatly and they’re now looking so much more positive. The social support has been wonderful and I can feel that I am gaining confidence, as well as having a much happier outlook. I now realise just how isolated and lonely I was before and wonder how I coped alone for so long. The domestic assistance has been an incredible relief, not just for helping me, but also for my husband, who also no longer feels alone. Words really can’t express my appreciation. Thank you with all my heart”.
Sarah 12/10/15

“[…] Through our next door neighbour we are fortunate enough to have found Co.As.It. We can’t speak highly enough about them all. No words can express the professionalism of the company and the ongoing training of the staff is excellent. Since commencing caring for our son with yourself and our carer, we have been very blessed. Our carer is just wonderful and she and my son hit it off from day one. My husband and I can go out every Thursday knowing that our son is out enjoying himself with the carer and that he is safe and well looked after with her. She makes his time with her most enjoyable and always asks him to relate to us when we come home, what they have been doing and what they have seen.   She is just wonderful […] . Like I said before, we were truly blessed when we were put in touch with Co.As.It. “
Jenny 10/10/15

“[…] I have been very happy with all staff connected with Co.As.It.  My husband and I both agree, going to Co.As.It. respite was the best decision we have made.”

“Excellent services, all very good and nice people who help us.  Thank you to you all!”

“I’m clean, well-fed, contented and not lonely, this, I believe, adds up to my rating this service excellent.”

“I feel Co.As.It. is always there for me and Bruce, it’s a lifeline.”

“The service and staff are brilliant. Couldn’t do it without your services, can’t thank you enough.”