Italian Language Centre

Co.As.It. has been a principal provider of Italian language and culture programs since its inception in 1978. The Italian language Centre (ILC) is a division of Co.As.It., promoting and teaching Italian language and culture to adults, school children and younger children.

Subsidised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ILC supports Italian language programs in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Cairns. Professional development workshops are organised in conjunction with Catholic Education and Education Queensland to ensure continuity of language proficiency and skills.

The ILC offers:

  • Italian classes in selected primary and secondary schools;
  • After hours language classes for 7 to 15 years olds held at various locations in Brisbane;
  • Italian playgroup (3-5 year olds);
  • Adult language classes held at ILC premises at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels;
  • Resource centre which offers a variety of teaching and learning aids;

For all further details regarding the ILC visit our website: