Community and Individual Support Services (CISS)

Services and activities include:

  • counselling (family /individual/ group);
  • recreational programs and activities;
  • supportive services for socially isolated persons;
  • weekly playgroup for children 2 to 5 and promoting parenting workshops and education;
  • enhancing cultural identity through events such as cultural activities, annual community concert, Italian national day celebrations, annual information workshops, International Women’s Day celebrations, client Christmas functions;
  • general information, advice and referral between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday;
  • education, information and resources;
  • health and well-being;
  • self-help network;
  • provision of resources such as meeting spaces for community members and groups;
  • support to overseas visitors.

Service delivery is flexible and culturally inclusive, it includes a mix of quality programs and activities that build skills, provide knowledge, promote personal and social development, promote physical well-being, and create and sustain local networks.

No fee applies in accessing the services under this program unless an entry fee is required for a particular event.

Contact our community services officer for further information on the above services on 07 3624 6100.