Dementia Support

The dementia support officers provide information and resources to the CALD carer and family members of a CALD dementia sufferer in English, Italian or Spanish.

It is well known that there are lower levels of access to dementia services by CALD communities, influenced by language barriers, cultural factors and cultural appropriateness of services. The number of people who speak a language other than English at home who have dementia is expected to increase dramatically over the coming years as CALD communities age.

Our dementia support officers aim to increase access by CALD community members in the receipt of appropriate services and to ensure that culturally appropriate dementia resources are provided and explained to all family members of the person with dementia.

Co.As.It.’s regular carers’ get-togethers provide opportunities to network, share ideas and learn more caring strategies. It is helpful to carers to meet with other carers and share the experience of their journey.

Referrals to in-home, overnight and daycare respite can be initiated by the dementia support officers, as well as home visits organised, to explain and provide advice as needed.

Co.As.It. offers coping strategies and will always support and provide advice that is appropriate to the sufferer’s cultural background, helping them to continue to live in their own home for as long as possible.

For more detailed information and how best Co.As.It. can help, contact our dementia support officers on 07 3624 6100 or click the contact button below.