Geppina Esposito: 100 years of courage

Co.As.It. client celebrating her birthday at Casa Serena.

Geppina Esposito was busy; she had to pose for dozens of cameras, be attentive to her many friends at Casa Serena, and be prepared to receive the sash and the golden crown. After all, it’s not every day someone turns 100, especially a lady ahead of her time. Decades ago, when the gender gap was even more accentuated, Geppina stood out and learned the profession of telegraph operator. In 1958, she said goodbye to her hometown, Montesarchio, in Italy, to study English in London. Courage and drive have always walked side-by-side with the lovely centenarian.

It was in February 1960 that she met her future husband, Giuseppe, whom she married in June of the same year. In September, the newlyweds were ready to board MN Neptunia bound for Brisbane. After settling in the new land, the family got bigger with the arrival of Luigi, Rosa, and Anna, their three beloved children. On November 17th, Geppina commemorated a remarkable milestone with her family and friends at Casa Serena, one hundred years after her birth. The Consul of Italy in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Luna Angelini Marinucci, gifted Geppina with an official letter from the Consulate during the celebration. “I am truly honoured to be able to celebrate this very important event with you today, a milestone of one hundred years of age. Her life is truly adventurous,” said the Consul.

Rosa, Anna, and Luigi, Geppina’s daughters and son, celebrated the special date next to their mum. “It’s important that she has arrived at this milestone with her close friends because she adores coming to Casa Serena. It’s a big achievement to get to such a number,” says Rosa. “Our mother is strong, determined, and stubborn; that makes her special,” Anna and Luigi complement.

*FOOTNOTE: Among a piece of cake and a smile for the camera, Geppina found time to describe the secret of longevity. “I eat vegetables and drink coffee every day. Never alcohol! I can’t stay away from the local and Italian newspapers and my TV shows.”