Paul and Daniel: a natural friendship

Aged Care Services in Brisbane - Co.As.It

Paul Broadhurst and Daniel Quill’s natural chemistry is the essence of how dynamic an aircraft engineer and a pilot must be. It involves patience, respect and admiration – and building a gigantic plastic model plane together.

A former aircraft engineer born in India, Paul (82), met Daniel (29), a Jetstar Airbus A320 pilot, through the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme run by Co.As.It. Community Services. Previously known as the “Community Visitors Scheme”, the initiative connects older adults living in government-funded residential aged care facilities, or home care packages being at risk of social isolation, with young and older volunteers from their local community.

When on the ground and between trips, Daniel likes to visit Paul and continue working on their cooperative project: assembling a 787-plane model – the interaction strengthens their bond even more and further stimulates Paul’s memories and mind.

Daniel is incredibly patient and watches Paul add pieces to the plane without interruption, even if it takes Paul up to 30 minutes to assemble the wings. Every movement seems to be calculated as the level of detail is terrifying.

“Honestly, Paul is much better at this than I am. I’ve never built these model planes before. So, I’ve got to read the instructions ten times,” says Daniel.

Paul’s wife, Riza, has said that he thoroughly enjoys spending time with Daniel and is mentally exhausted after the visit as he concentrates so hard on what he is doing. While building the aircraft, they chat about their life experiences.

“Working on these models brings lots of really good memories. As a child, I assembled and played with many different models. Maybe that’s why I became an engineer,” says Paul.

Care Services Coordinator Sharon Favaro says watching Paul and Dan work together to build the plane is natural and magnetic.

“The bond they have built is heart-warming to watch, and I feel incredibly honoured that I was able to purchase the plane for them through Paul’s package. I look forward to following the plane’s progress and seeing Paul’s delight with the results,” she says.