Respite South Brisbane

Co.As.It. Respite Options Program is funded by the Federal Department of Health.  The “Respite Options” program recognises the vital role of carers in the community and offers support services to help them continue in their caring role.

The aim of respite is to support and maintain the primary care giving relationship by providing support for carers in the Brisbane South area who are from CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse background), who care for people who are frail aged, have challenging behaviours and/or degenerative cognitive conditions e.g. dementia.

Co.As.It. employs experienced and highly trained personnel to provide the following respite support services:

  • Regular overnight respite in your own home
  • Day Care Centre Respite
  • Emergency/Flexible Respite

Regular Overnight Respite
Overnight respite in your own home can be booked on a regular basis e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly.

A care worker will stay in your home at night to provide care over a 12 hour period so that your loved one may stay in their own familiar, home environment.

Day Care Centre Respite
All day respite care is provided at our Centre “Casa Aurelia” at Acacia Ridge. Morning tea and lunch is provided and clients are transported to and from the Centre. An individual care plan is developed which caters to the care needs and special interests of each client.

Carers can be assured that their loved ones will spend a day participating in various activities run by our experienced staff.   A contribution is required to participate in this activity.

Emergency/Flexible Respite
Carers may also find themselves in crisis situations such as when the carer:

  • Becomes ill or is hospitalised
  • Experiences extreme stress
  • Has a family emergency that requires their presence
  • Needs an immediate break when the demands of caring becomes too much

An individual respite service will be planned that best meets the needs of the carer and their loved one during the emergency. Care workers are suited to meeting the needs of the CALD client and carer.

Contact our Care Services Coordinators – Brisbane South for further information.