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Stunning Trip to Stanthorpe

Our industrious facilitator Emanuela Febo took our “social outings” group to Stanthorpe on the 14th December for a 2 day trip. Our clients had been up early that morning as they had been instructed to do and had placed their baggage on the bus by 6.30 am so that the bus could start the trip on time.

Along the way everyone was so happy thinking of picking their own cherries with memories of fruit picking being shared amongst the group. After a pit stop for morning tea they proceeded for the final destination – Stanthorpe!

About 11.30 they arrived at the International Club at Stanthorpe where they met up with Fortunato and Frank the two musicians that were playing traditional Italian music and also met some Italian migrants.  Bottles of red and white wine were soon placed on the tables as well as some antipasto followed by a large buffet of food.  Most clients’ appetite had increased dramatically through the pure and fresh air of the country side.  Typical Italian sweets were then served with fresh brewed coffee while Father Christmas came to each table giving everyone a Christmas present.

Then it was time to dance! The band played crowd favourites such as the tarantella, cha-cha-cha and other traditional Italian dances.  To finish the day everyone headed off to the local pizzeria at night.

Next morning after breakfast they were off to the cherry farm.  What a surprise to see the fruit trees full of cherries followed by free cherry picking and eating at the same time at no charge.

This was followed by a visit to the winery for wine tasting.  Soon it was midday and once again time to eat.  This time at another restaurant – there were cannelloni, arancini  hot ham and chicken, vegetables and salads. Finally came the sweets,  gelato cassata and coffee.

Glasses were charged and good wishes were exchanged  for a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

With sunset approaching it was time to start the return to Brisbane .  Their big smiles said it all!  Yes  they were two wonderful days in Stanthorpe.