Casa Aurelia celebrates 20 years of Rose

Rose at Casa Aurelia

Around 80,000 clients served and hundreds of hours worked in two decades of pure dedication and commitment to delivering well-being to the senior community in Brisbane.

SGA (Social Group Activities Centres) Coordinator Rosetta Sirianni, or Rose, has blown out the candles of 20 years of work with Co.As.It. Community Services.

Amid gifts and slices of cake at Casa Aurelia (centre in Acacia Ridge), Rose made sure to affectionately hug one-by-one: members of the team and her nurtured clients.

Being able to write down books with many stories accumulated over the years, Rose tried to summarize some of the moments she has experienced at Co.As.It.

Unforgettable Moments
“I think every day is [an unforgettable day] by just coming in here and seeing the clients been thankful at the end of the day. But, sure, after Covid-19 was really special when everyone appreciated the groups even more.”

Biggest Challenges
“Covid-19 has been the biggest challenge. There haven’t been that many huge challenges over the years. I would say keeping the groups interested and creating ongoing activities for them. So, they’ll be interested in coming every day.”

Most Important Lessons
“Listen, listen, and keep learning, always learning. Even now, I’m still learning. There’s much more to teach and show them [the clients].”

Secret for Longevity
“You need to like your job, not love it. Because you can love anything, but you need to like it. I get up in the morning, and I’m ready to go. There is also perseverance. You don’t give up because something gets hard. It gets tricky, but you work through it with your staff. My staff is my backbone, without them…”

[Rose gets emotional. The Marketing Team decides to put the camera and notes aside to give her a well-deserved hug.]