Christmas Art Exhibition at Amici House is a success

Amici House hosted on December 13 its second Christmas Art Exhibition with paintings created by the NDIS and Community Art Classes participants. Under the flag “Community and Belonging,” a wide range of artworks were displayed, attracting hundreds of guests.

A senior community choir set the festive mood with carols while guests admired the artwork. Amici House Art Teacher Ali Gillet, one of the most engaged at the event, was “floating in the air” with a large and proud smile she didn’t make sure to hide.

“I’m really proud as I walk around and see what’s happened over this year. You can see where the students started and where they finished up. Their paintings become more courageous,” Ali says.

“I have seen them grow as a community. At the end of the classes, we put our brushes down a little bit early and then walk around and congratulate each other on our work. You can feel the friendships growing, and that is 100% of what Amici House is about.”

Leena Miettunen, a Community Art Class participant, had her artwork exposed at the event. She celebrated a busy year filled with accomplishments and Ali’s guidance throughout the months.

“I started last July. Ali [the art teacher] is very good because she gives direction and teaches you. You want to learn how to use your brush to create the effects you want, and that’s what Ali brought to us. She is teaching us to have a clinical eye,” Leena says.

“Having my artwork exhibited is a compliment. This is a true reward for showcasing what we have done this year.”

NDIS Art Class participant David McDermott had four of his paintings exhibited. Fairly new to the classes, David predicts a bigger event for 2024.

“I have been attending the art classes for three months, and it is awesome to have my paintings displayed for the community. I’m very proud,” David says. “I love painting; it relaxes me. Painting birds and animals is what I like most. I can’t wait for next year’s exhibition.”

Amici House is a Community Hub in Brisbane that runs activities and services for older Australians and members of the local community and beyond. Visitors enjoy yoga classes, art classes, women’s groups, technology classes, Latin dancing, NDIS art and yoga classes, and health services such as podiatry and physiotherapy.