Technology Classes: a life changer for Kaylene and Brian

Amici House Tech Classes

The Technology Classes at Amici House have been life-changing for Kaylene and Brian Tayler. An overseas trip on the horizon weighed in on the decision to learn how to use the much-feared cell phone.

Kaylene began her classes at the beginning of the year. She would make and receive phone calls and play a few games. She has worked her way up to learn how to take photos, search on the Internet, and change her phone settings.

“Technology and I’ve never mixed up. Now, I’m slowly picking up my confidence. I don’t hesitate to try a few things,” says Kyleene. “When overseas, I’ll be able to contact my kids and my 90-year-old mother. I’ll use Maps to find stuff, get directions, and everything else.”

In the same way, Brian’s relationship with the cell phone was even more meaningless before the classes. He hadn’t had a mobile phone for ten years, and life was fine. It all changed when he got a new device—a fresh start on learning basic settings and controls.

Knowing the ins and outs of the Internet, texting, and saving data by connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network are some of the valuable lessons Brian has learned at Amici House. Not to mention, his confidence is high ahead of the family trip.

“I have been looking carefully at Google Maps, its benefits, options, and operation. We will not get lost from each other now that we have our phones,” concludes Brian.