Angiolina and Gaetana: celebrating 100 years old in 2023

Coasit Aged Care Services in Brisbane

It was in 1923 that women’s one-piece swimsuits began to be worn. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, starring Lon Chaney, was released, and Warner Brothers was established. Most importantly, that year marked the birth of Angiolina Cupo and Gaetana Zumbo, two centenarians that are part of the Co.As.It. family.

Gaetana turned 100 on February 9, while Angiolina blew out her candles on March 17. Both clients, were effusively celebrated recently by the Co.As.It. team. Initially, Gaetana’s family moved from Italy to Argentina. It was years later when Australia became her home where she started working as a dressmaker. She has one son, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Angiolina’s story also begins in Italy – her family left their beloved country in 1955 looking for a better life in Australia. They opened a fish and chips shop and worked hard to provide for their young family. Angiolina has five children, 15 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.

The lovely ladies confided to one of our coordinators the secret of their longevity. They said they were blessed to reach this age: one day at a time without worrying, always boasting a smile and not forgetting that “having loved ones around us is one strength that keeps us going.”

We are blessed to have Angiolina Cupo and Gaetana Zumbo in our lives! Happy Birthday!