Aoife O’Donoghue: an inspiration to all

NDIS at Amici House

Aoife O’Donoghue is a familiar face at Amici House, where she fills the place with her enthusiastic smile and artistic talent. Amid impressive brush strokes in the NDIS Art Class, the 26-year-old girl has discovered herself as an athlete.

Part of the Special Olympics Moreton North Team, Aoife competes in swimming and bowling. She reigns in the pools, confident enough to say, “when the modality is backstroke, I enter a competition to win.” It will not take long until her freestyle reaches the same level.

“I’m training three times a week, and I’m getting better,” she proudly reveals ahead of an important interstate tournament on May 28 – her sixth swimming competition since she started with the team at the beginning of 2022. Questioned on how she handles the pressure before jumping into the pool, Aoife attributes her success to breathing exercises.

In parallel, in the wake of promising results in the pool, Aoife decided six months ago to have a go at her bowling skills. Friday has now become her sacred day to pull a few pins down for the team.

“My week is really busy with my practice at Moreton North and art class at Amici House. So I have only the weekends to rest now,” explains Aoife, who also volunteers at the Sandbag Community Centre.

Aoife is supported by the Co.As.It NDIS Team, including community care workers, a support coordinator, an art teacher and a podiatrist, on her quest to achieve her goals.

“It’s rewarding to be part of Aoife’s journey as she continues to build her capacity and blow us away,” says Paola Matute, NDIS Coordinator at Co.As.It.

Next time you open the sports section of a newspaper or watch the news, don’t be surprised if you come across Aoife’s image holding medals and a trophy.