Celebrating Jelica Zlatkavic’s 100th birthday

Coasit Aged Care Services in Brisbane

Celebrating Jelica Zlatkavic’s 100th birthday without citing her passion for people wouldn’t be living up to her real story.

Born in Serbia, former Yugoslavia, Jelica landed on Australian soil in 1971, ready to embrace a new and unknown life far from her traditional habits. Her relaxed way – never too stressed – and proneness to consume homemade food is believed to be her magical formula for longevity.

“She used to have a garden and harvest her own veggies. Natural food is important for her, and I can confirm that she has never been on a diet,” says her daughter, Mary.

“My mom is an easy-going person. She loves good company and having food on the table when she receives a visit. Despite the language barrier, she has become friends with an Italian neighbour, and they always have lunch and morning tea together.”

Jelica is an enthusiast of the benefits and magnificence of outdoor life – she still goes shopping whenever she can. Her grandkids also play an essential role in taking her out and about for a sweet cappuccino with crispy chips. So it is a big family, loving and supporting the lovely centenarian: three children, six grandchildren and seven great-great-children.

Such a remarkable life experience, she has recently been awarded special letters from King Charles, Anthony Albanese (Prime Minister of Australia) and Annastacia Palaszczuk (Premier of Queensland).

It has been 15 years since Jelica started receiving assistance from Co.As.It. Community Services.