Giuseppe Vitale: blowing out 100 birthday candles

Coasit Aged Care Services in Brisbane

Giuseppe Vitale turned 100 in grand style, surrounded by friends and family in one of his fondest places: Casa Serena. The Social Group Activities Centre was beautifully adorned in his honour – a mix of balloons, video slides, music, lively guests and a memorable gigantic cake. Amid laughter and photos, the “birthday boy” still found time to jig to one of his favourite songs: the chicken dance.

Giuseppe’s relationship with Co.As.It. started in 2018: it was a timid beginning where he used to enjoy solitude, sitting on a chair next to the entrance door at Casa Serena. Tough times as he sadly had just lost his loving partner.

Yet, five years later, he looks rejuvenated – or, as Grace Pennisi, SGA Coordinator, likes to say: a true Benjamin Button. Giuseppe’s energy is contagious – the Sicilian centenarian who arrived in Australia in 1937 loves singing and dancing. Such passion stems from his vivacious earlier days in the community – when people would get married, Giuseppe with a couple of his friends would serenade under their windows.

Giuseppe’s list of passions also includes pasta and chocolate. “He doesn’t look like a big man but always eats,” says one of his daughters.

In the wake of his birthday, Giuseppe has recently received special letters from authorities: King Charles, Anthony Albanese (Prime Minister of Australia), Annastacia Palaszczuk (Premier of Queensland) and Pope Francis.

We wish Giuseppe our congratulations in reaching such an important milestone,

Auguri from Co.As.It.