HCP client has his house improved

HCP provider in Brisbane

Simple actions can remove barriers and rapidly change lives. Imagine how frustrating it is not to feel safe whilst entering your own home.

Our client; Llew, faced difficulty accessing his home via the back patio. He brought the matter to the attention of his Home Care Package (HCP) Coordinator and as a result, a referral was swiftly forwarded to our in-house Allied Health Team for the Occupational Therapist to visit Llew and assess his needs.

After the visit, the OT recommended custom-made steps and handrails installed in the patio area, facilitating Llew’s access to his house. A new handrail positioned along the front door ramp was also organised.

“My client Llew is on a Level 1 Home Care Package, and he was able to accumulate his HCP funds to pay for the Occupational Therapist, assessment and equipment,” Care Services Coordinator Kris Clark said.

“Llew told me he is very pleased with the equipment, which provided him with security and making him feel safe. He is now more confident with his mobility and he is reassured that at anytime his needs change that he can approach the Co.As.It. staff.”