Italian Language Centre

The promotion and teaching of the Italian language in Queensland has always been the focus of Co.As.It. since its inception in 1978.  Due to the expansion of community services and the need to distinguish and identify clearly the Italian language program, Co.As.It. created its Italian Language Centre as a division of Co.As.It. Community Services Ltd. in January 2007.

The Italian Language Centre has its own website and provides information about learning Italian including Italian for travellers and using Italian in the workplace, as well as providing families with a listing of schools where Italian is taught giving children the opportunity of experiencing the learning of the Italian language and culture.

The ILC offers:

  • Italian classes in selected primary and secondary schools
  • After hours language classes for 7 to 15 years olds held at various locations in Brisbane
  • Italian Playgroup (3-5 year olds)
  • Adult language classes held at ILC premises at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Resource Centre which offers a variety of teaching and learning aids

For all further details regarding the ILC visit our website: