Meet Paul and Desley: our dynamic duo

Paul and Desley at Co.As.It.

Desley Anthony (72) and Paul Anthony (86) are the accurate representation of the term ‘dynamic duo’.

The couple has been attending all activities offered at the Amici House – a Community Hub part of Co.As.It Community Services – a charitable organisation with a heritage of helping the multicultural community for over 40 years.

Since last year, both partners have been attending exercises, Latin dance, art, technology classes, and the woman’s group (for Desley).

“The classes are very helpful in keeping us active. It is all easy and fun. Not to mention that I have learned so many things in the technology classes,” said Paul.

“We love to do the exercises, but our favourite class is Latin dancing. We just love that. We’re not terribly good at it, but it makes us happy and active,” Desley says.

A consistent social life like the ones of Desley and Anthony has been proven to offer many health advantages, such as less risk of depression and a longer life span.

The Australian Loneliness Report has pointed out that higher levels of loneliness are associated with more elevated levels of social interaction anxiety, less social interaction, poorer psychological well-being, and inferior quality of life.

Chiara Dal Sasso, counsellor of the Mind Wellness Team at Co.As.It., says that ageing is usually accompanied by fears or never-explored traumas from the past.

“There is the fear of the end of life. You look behind and think about what you have done or if you have done enough, and if something should have gone differently,” Chiara says.

“In addition, traumas reflecting past times might emerge, such as witnessing domestic violence, alcohol abuse and war. They might appear again if these traumatic situations have been hidden over the years and never tackled.”

The fact is that our mental health shifts in multiple ways as we age, and staying active and socialising are powerful medicines against any deterioration in life quality.

At Amici House, seniors and community members will find activities and services such as yoga classes, art classes, women’s groups, technology classes, Latin dancing, NDIS art classes and health services (podiatry and physiotherapy).