Renata and Emily: a true example of progress

NDIS client with Co.As.It. Support Care Worker

Progress is usually defined as “development towards an improved or more advanced condition.” In other words, it would be the equivalent of what Renata Oparah and Emily White have been building together.

When Emily walked through Co.As.It.’s door for the first time, she didn’t know what to expect – that introverted behaviour had pushed her away from basic aspects of life, such as eating out and making new friends or having pets.

It was a relatively new world when Renata, a Support Care Worker with Co.As.It., crossed Emily’s path, and things began to change. As time passed, Emily started to relax and gain the confidence to embrace new experiences towards a renewed life – which involved engaging with people in conversations and patting animals.

A whole approach was put into practice encouraging Emily to explore the vast surroundings around her without fearing the unknown. In every single nook and cranny: on her games, Japanese animes, mangas and tons of books.

“Before meeting Renata, my life was a bit boring. I didn’t want to go anywhere. After meeting her, everything changed. I want to explore so much now,” says Emily.

Animals are essential to Emily’s development, as she loves to snuggle up with her two Labradoodles and visit her favourite horse – “Courage” on the weekends.

The friendship and commitment established between Renata and Emily have proportionated countless fruits for both.

“My work with Emily is a reflection on what I give and how we can break down barriers for disabilities and how by doing that, someone else can thrive,” explains an emotional Renata.

One of the secrets of such progress is the communication kept with Emily’s family and herself.

“It’s collecting the information on what they want for Emily in the future. And Emily has input into this when we discuss it. She’s actively involved in her care, where she wants to go, and why. We must remember that through all things and respect her right to choose,” finishes Renata.