CHSP: The art of Pramila Patel

CHSP client Pramila Patel

Pramila Patel’s list of aptitudes is overarching. She is a master of embroidery, pottery, and crochet – not to mention her cooking skills, which have earned her compliments at the International Cookery School. Pramila receives support from Co.As.It. Community Services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).

The artistic flair in Pramila’s blood dates back to her adolescence in Pune, India, where she began to learn embroidery in school. In a matter of months, samples of her artwork were already being displayed in Mumbai, the financial centre of India. “I remember my teacher coming to me and saying that I had achieved the highest grade and that she was deeply impressed with my work. That’s when my passion for embroidery was ignited,” recalls Pramila. Her dedication and hard work led her to earn two distinct certificates in fine arts and tailoring.

Upon her arrival in Australia, Pramila brought with her a wealth of artistic expertise from her homeland. In 1971-1972, she was a member of the panel of judges for fine arts at Ekka’s festival in Brisbane. She cherishes the photographs of her two-year tenure as a judge at the event. After a hiatus from her craft to focus on raising her three children, Pramila rekindled her artistic flame in the early 80s. She embarked on a new artistic journey, immersing herself in the study of ceramics and sculpture at Tafe Brisbane, a testament to her unwavering passion and dedication. “In 1996, I worked in the production of the mosaic for Mulbeam Park,” says Pramila, proudly showing the acknowledgment letter she received from Brisbane City Council.

As a consequence of health problems years later, Pramila was forced to give up her beloved crafts and remain at home following medical orders. The urge for arts and crafts was rekindling when boredom knocked on her door. That is when she started undertaking private lessons in crochet. Her curiosity and desire for craftwork inspired her to develop blankets and tablecloths as part of a new chapter in her artistic life.

“Words can’t express the joy and pride I feel when I’m creating something. The transformation of raw materials into a work of art fills me with immense happiness and a sense of accomplishment,” Pramila concludes.