Yvonne shares her positive experience with Co.As.It.

Aged Care Services at Co.As.It.

Yvonne Howman, 75, has been with Co.As.It. Community Services since 2019, receiving in home support such as domestic services every fortnight. Over the years, she has formed relationships with the various community care workers (CCW) who have attended to her.

“People who come are incredibly caring and friendly. They do their work, and we talk about life. They [CCWs] provide a care service in a personal way rather than just coming in, doing the work and leaving,” says Yvonne. “The carers are constantly checking if I’m all right, how I’m feeling and what I want to be done in the house.”

Yvonne says that Co.As.It. has always lived up to her needs and standards. When a CCW can’t make it, she explains, a call from the office is received offering schedule and arrangement options.
“The entire team is very caring and professional, in my view. Co.As.It. puts service where it should be because service is non-existent these days in many areas,” says Yvonne. “I have actually recommended Co.As.It. to several of my friends, and they are thrilled with the service they get.”

Currently, she receives fortnightly visits from CCW Mario Gatto – someone who makes an unmeasurable difference in her life as Yvonne has had two hip replacements and an unpredictable back.
“I love him like a son. We laugh and talk for hours. We have a personal rapport, as I have always had with all the girls and guys who have come to me. I can’t name them all, but I can say they were lovely.”