Bert Makes Full Recovery

At the end of January 2019 our physiotherapist Allison visited a new client by the name of Bert who had an acute episode of low back pain at the end of 2018 which landed him in Wesley Hospital to determine the cause and to help manage his symptoms. “By the time I met with him he had rested for a few days but he was afraid of moving” said Allison. He was missing his walk to the shops and there was still some pain. The original goal was to help him progress his wellness so he could go back to the gym. After 5 physio visits, Bert was back to walking to the shops and back from his home. The round trip was nearly 2 kilometers and the driveway is quite steep. In June this year, Allison heard from Bert’s family again as he was a little unsteady during a recent walk to the shops. Some of the symptoms pointed to an episode of mild vertigo and the plan this time was to get Bert a walking stick. After 3 visits Allison’s goal was to walk to the shops with Bert to make sure he had made a full recovery. On the walk she was inspired by his recovery and the distance he covered. He walks to the shops and back up to 4 times a week. Bert recently celebrated his 91st birthday