Pearl Bygraves: turning 100 in style

Co.As.It. CHSP Client Pearl Bygraves

Age is just a number for CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) client Pearl Bygraves, who recently turned 100. “I like to live one day at a time. I don’t pay attention to birthdays and what being 100 represents.”

Pearl is agile, talkative and radiates some sort of unique “bright” – one might say it is because of the colourful combination of her clothes, nails, hair and dozens of flowers and photos placed around the house.

She exercises daily in what looks like a medley of yoga moves: lifting the left leg first, then the right one and alternating with both of her arms. Before breaking her hip two years ago, Pearl’s workout routine was even more challenging, involving squats and repetitive movements hundreds of times.

There were no cliché answers when asked if she had any healthy food habits contributing to that remarkable longevity. “If I feel like having a chocolate cake, I’ll have it. What is life without eating? It is not enjoyable.” However, she confirms using essential oils to keep her skin hydrated and shining.

Finding time in Pearl’s busy schedule is hard. She wakes up and ensures everything is clean and tidy: the gardens, the kitchen and the living room. She values her independence as much as she enjoys playing Spider on the computer. Around lunchtime, she gets ready to welcome one of her five children or one of the grandchildren in her home, share a meal and then venture out to shop together.

Pearl has been with Co.As.It. since 2021 as a CHSP client, receiving support services through this program to remain living in her own home and maintain her independence.