Euro Concert Brisbane – A Huge Success

Euro Concert Brisbane promoted by Co.As.It. Community Services

Moments with friends, good food, music, and many smiles summarised the Euro Concert Brisbane 2023 at Kedron Wavell Services Club in Chermside on October 4th.

The event celebrated the multicultural community bonds for the second consecutive year, highlighting Queensland Seniors’ Month. Guests enjoyed a line-up of live music, dancing, a generous two-course meal and raffle prizes.

Tanina Softa, Co.As.It Assistant CEO, welcomed the public, followed by a presentation offered by the organisation’s Occupational Therapist, Patricia Lapsley, on the “Secrets of Sassy Seniors”.

Musical Director Frank Debellis and Australian indie artist Vince Gelonese delivered a list of top hits from all decades to the event, thrilling the public who took over the dance floor.

Connie Riga attended the event for the second year in a row. She couldn’t contain her excitement after the band played some classics and set the dance floor on fire.

“What I like most about the Euro Concert is that it brings everyone together. Nowadays, especially for older people, getting out and being socially active with everyone is vital. That’s why I brought my sister this year,” says Connie.

Attending the event for the first time, Teresa Lahme celebrated the opportunity to have the community together again on a high note.

“It was a beautiful and informative event. The older generations need to be involved in gatherings like the Euro Concert – this is what we need in our community,” says Teresa.

“I will definitely come back next year. It is priceless to see people making new friends and meeting up again with friends from the past.”

Dina Ranieri, Co.As.It CEO, emphasised that the event allows seniors in our community to come together and celebrate the importance of wellbeing, friendships and socialisation.

“We also make it easy for them to approach any of our home care staff and access important information about access to home care services to help them live independently and happily. COTA has supported our events greatly, and we encourage as many seniors as possible to attend the event, enjoy lunch, have fun and dance to great music.”

Euro Concert Brisbane 2023 had the support of COTA Queensland and prizes donated by Kedron Wavell Services Club; Flora Di Lizio at Zonta Brisbane Sunrise; Stefano Coco Tiling and Waterproofing; Black and White Home Services, and Angela Poli.