The impact of Amici House on Sonia’s life

Art Class at Amici House in Bracken Ridge

The impact of Amici House on peoples’ lives can be seen through Sonia Willis’ enthusiasm and passion for the activities and atmosphere in the centre.

She has a weekly busy schedule at the community hub: Art Class (Mondays), Stay Active (Tuesdays), Technology Class (Thursdays) and Yoga Class (Fridays). Wednesdays are set aside for a catch-up time with friends at the centre’s cafe.

It was in 2021 that Sonia first stepped into Amici House. She was attracted by the signs around Bracken Ridge road and decided, with a friend, to try the cafe.

“Barry (Amici House Coordinator) showed us around, and I was very impressed. So, I started classes right after my visit,” says Sonia.

“I love participating in the activities because I’m retired now. So, otherwise, I’d be at home and not doing anything. I think it’s good to get out and do something nice.”

The Art and Yoga classes are Sonia’s favourite ones. There is no reason why – perhaps due to the fact she joins a group of friends to have a coffee before the classes.

Sonia was emphatic when asked how to describe Amici House to someone who had never heard about it.

“Come along and enjoy the company of wonderful people and great food. Get involved in the activities as everybody is really friendly. At Amici House, you will find many things you can do.”