NDIS: Brett and his journey of success

NDIS Provider Co.As.It.

Responsible for dismantling NBN antennas and giving the pieces a new life, Brett is proud of his agility and skills with the drill. In fact, it all started as an unpretentious volunteer job, but his outstanding performance landed him a part-time position.

He can disassemble an entire box antenna in less than two minutes, making Brett one of the fastest among the staff. “I take these screws apart and recycle them in different bins. I’m really fast at what I do,” he says.

Co.As.It. has been supporting Brett since the beginning of his journey at eWaste. A Community Care Worker assists him at the workplace – both perform as a well-organised team dismantling the pieces.

“My worker helps me with the smaller screws while I use three different screwdrivers for the bigger ones,” says Brett. At eWaste, he is part of an organisation established to help people with a disability – staff members have a place to gain skills, a sense of achievement and contribution to the community by helping the environment by recycling electronic waste.

Paola Matute, Co.As.It. NDIS Coordinator celebrates how Brett’s life has changed for the better. “It was a significant change getting him ready at the beginning. Brett did not want to pack his lunch, grab medications and attend to his grooming needs. Then, we started to get him into a working routine where he learned the value of getting ready for the work ahead. It was a whole transformation, one that I am very proud to witness,” she says.