Max Shadlow and the War Memorial at Nundah Park

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Max Shadlow (92), our client receiving care under our Home Care Packages Program, can be considered one of Nundah’s piece of history. The former plumber, has in his “resume” services with the Citizen Military Forces and as a Training Officer after World War 2.

More than that, as the president of the local RSL, Max was involved in building the War Memorial at Nundah Park – including the canon and all the plaques.The charming historical park commemorates those who have served in the various conflicts in which Australia has been involved. Its walls contain significant information about the most brutal 20th-century conflicts.

Originally from the last century, the park was redesigned and restored in 2001/2002 by Max and his team. “That park means a lot to me and the people involved with its renovation. The area was redesigned following the construction of the Nundah Deviation Tunnel,” says Max.

The park also contains a Krupp Field Gun, which was unveiled in the park in 1921 and restored in 2002. “The field gun is an authentic piece of history. We decided to camouflage it with special paint to protect it from graffiti.”

Max is so fond of the park that he collects several pictures featuring the before and after the works. He speaks with passion and detail about each metre of the memorial, each brick and plaque.

“It is a lovely feeling [to have built the War Memorial at Nundah Park]. When you drive past the park, you see a couple of school kids reading and learning from the plaques and the walls. There are three schools around the park, and knowing we are spreading wisdom is priceless,” says Max.