Book Now: Euro Concert Brisbane

Senior Euro Concert Brisbane

As part of Queensland Senior’s Month, the Euro Concert will celebrate our multicultural community bonds at Kedron Wavell in Chermside with a fabulous line-up of live music, dancing, a generous two-course meal, and raffle prizes.

With worldwide entertainment expertise of 26 years, Musical Director Frank Debellis and Australian indie artist Vince Gelonese are set to bring a list of successes from all decades to the event.

“We have performed for Canberra National Multicultural Festival with crowds of over 200,000 people. Over the years, we have organised and served for over 500 events and shows around Australia and internationally,” Mr Debellis says.

“As a musical director and performer, my main aim and expectation for this event are that the audience walks away happy and talking about what a great time they had, enjoying listening to the musical journey we took them through.”

The Euro Concert public will also have the opportunity to relish lunch and dessert, tea and coffee. All-inclusive for just $25!

Kicking off at 11:30 am, we look forward to a delightful afternoon. To book, please call Co.As.It. Community Services on 07 3624 6100. Kedron Wavell is on 21 Kittyhawk Dr, Chermside, with plenty of parking on-site.

Co.As.It. Community Services is a charitable organisation with a heritage of helping the multicultural community for over 40 years. With a well-known reputation for putting on excellent events, this event will surely sell out!

When: Wednesday 4 October 2023, 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
Where: Kedron Wavell, 21 Kittyhawk Dr, Chermside, Brisbane
Cost: Tickets are $25, all-inclusive.