Above and beyond the call of duty

February 15, 2021

I wish to place on record and extol the virtues of Hannah who, in a recent medical emergency situation, went well above the call of duty to assist my wife, and myself.

I had a cardiac episode of considerable urgency which required hospitalization this past Saturday. My wife suffers from Alzheimer’s and had to accompany me to the hospital as she is incapable of caring for herself. I was unable to get her into respite care and called Hannah to see if we could arrange an emergency carer. Hannah gave up her own time over the weekend, came to the hospital, and stayed with her for the weekend. She was outstanding in her devotion to my wife’s care and arranged for our normal carer to be with my wife today in my absence.

I cannot speak highly enough of the goodwill and charity of spirit she displayed and I am eternally grateful for her solicitude toward both of us.

She is a testament to Co. As. It. Community Services and the values it espouses.