Toowoomba Flower Show

Co.As.It. Community Services organized a combined trip with North and South clients to the Central Gardens flower show in Toowoomba. The trip took place on 26 September 2019.

An early departure was set for 7.30am with many clients arriving early and full of enthusiasm. The groups listened to Italian music on the bus ride heading up the highway – some sang along to the Italian songs and others cheerfully listened. The two groups met for morning tea at the Coffee Club in Plainlands at 9am for a morning tea break.

Coffees and cakes were served by an enthusiastic staff and there was a lot of catching up with friends and relatives during the morning tea break. The groups then boarded the buses again heading to Central Gardens in Toowoomba to attend the annual Flower Show. The Flower Show was a highlight – enjoyed by all – with time spent observing, identifying and admiring the gorgeous flowers.  One of the gardens had parsley growing as a feature in between the flowers! The group discussed how the parsley could be used to make crumbed “cottoletti” for dinner that night!

The weather held out to allow all to enjoy the beautiful surrounds. The groups were then picked up by the bus and taken to The Cube Hotel were everyone experienced a lovely sit down lunch with an alternative drop of chicken and mushroom crepe and crumbed fish and chips. A delicious desert of either ice cream and waffle or cream puffs and strawberries was then served.

Back on to the bus with the final stop being at Point Lookout that had the most stunning views of the mountains and valleys below.  The aerial view of the flower show was breathtaking. Some clients had afternoon tea, some went for a short walk and others just sat around and enjoyed each other’s company.

At 3.30pm the buses departed for home and again the groups enjoyed Italian music – some clients had a snooze and others discussed the day. All clients shook hands and thanked Co.As.It. Community Services for such a great day. Most clients asked during and at the end of the trip about the next outings as they were wanting to book again.